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Installing Photoshop-compatible filters

PSFilterPdn supports the following methods for installing Photoshop-compatible filters.


Installing into the Effects folder

The first method is to place the filters into the Paint.NET Effects folder (or a sub folder). This is the easiest method to install filters which do not have their own installer.

Installed into Effects folder

Placing a shortcut into the Effects folder

The second method is to place a shortcut to the filter (or a folder containing filters) in the Effects folder.

Shortcut to filter

Searching other folders

The third method is to add the filter location to the search directories list. This is the normal method when the filter uses it's own installer.

Step 1: After you start the 8bf Filter plugin click on the Search Directories tab at the top.

Search tab location

Step 2:  Click on the Add... button to browse for the folder containing the filters.

Add folder dialog box

Step 3: The filters should now appear in the filters tab you can run the selected filter by double-clicking on it or by clicking the Run Filter button.

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